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Innovation separates those who lead from those who follow.

Here at Arid Agritec we work hand-in-hand with the most advanced international growers, crop scientists and photobiologists so we’re always years ahead in terms of new developments in crop cover design.

Our global headquarters are based at the University of Lancaster (UK) where we work closely with Prof. Nigel Paul. His lab is at the forefront of ultraviolet light (UV) photobiology and it’s exploitation in global horticulture. Work carried out at Lancaster over the last two decades has helped shape our current range of SMART films and of course we’re busy designing our next generation products which, we believe, will change protected cropping forever. You should expect to see this truly amazing product in about 5 years time and we’re confident you’ll agree it was well worth waiting for. But in the meantime the photos above should give you a taster for the scale of the work already underway.

Because of our global reputation for being at the forefront of SMART crop cover supply and because we’re renowned for sharing our knowledge with our customers Arid Agritec are only one of two industrial partners on a global European Union funded project aimed at better understanding the role of UV light and food quality.

We also help supervise a number of PhD and Masters students around the world who share our passion for better understanding how we can use light to greatly improve crop production and developing exciting new and unique products. And of course we always have farm trials running with our grower partners which keeps us very busy indeed.

Here at Arid Agritec we truly cherish our partnerships: with both scientists and those growers who help us trial our ideas in the real world. We believe that in an ever changing climate with pressures building on water supply and a quickly growing world population that it’s only through pushing the boundaries of our understanding and technologies that we’ll meet the challenges of the 21st century. It’s for that reason that we put research at the centre of everything we do.

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