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Wagdy Sobeih PhD - Managing Director

Wagdy Sobeih PhD

Dr Sobeih has over 25 years experience in plant photobiology, crop water relations, novel irrigation techniques and their application in international horticulture.

While his expertise is not confined to countries with arid climates it has been his main area of interest throughout his professional career. In recognition of this expertise across these fields Dr Sobeih is acting as a senior agricultural consultant in Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern countries. He brings to Arid Agritec a range of experience in fundamental scientific research from British universities (Nottingham and Lancaster) the application of novel technologies in sustainable crop production and over 15 years of project management experience throughout the Med and Gulf.

He’s never happier than when he’s spending time with growers understanding their problems and formulating solutions.

Contact Details - Office: Enterprise & Business Partnerships, Lancaster Environmental Centre, Lancaster University, Lancaster LA1 4YQ United Kingdom | Tel: +44 (0)7710 427763 | Email: wagdysobeih@aridagritec.com | Web

Ms Seda Keskin - Director of Operations

Ms Seda Keskin

Seda Keskin is the Director of Operations for our Turkish subsidiary Arid Eyilik Teknoloji Tarım Ltd Şti.

Her wide ranging duties include directing the business from our regional headquarters in Antalya, promoting and marketing Arid’s products and services and overseeing our deep-sea shipping operations. In addition to these duties, and after over 5 years of listening to us talk about our passion for light and photobiology, Seda has developed a real interest in our experimental trials and is now therefore responsible for helping to monitor them on a day to day basis.

Seda is also responsible for expanding Arid’s business beyond Turkey to Azerbaijan, Iran, Cyprus and Sudan.

Contact Details - Office: Pınarlı Soğucaksu, Mah 4 sokak. No: 26 Pınarlı Aksu , Antalya (EXPO CENTER FUAR ALANI ARKASI) | Tel: +90 242 462 11 86 | Email: sedakeskin@aridagritec.com | Web

Dr Jason Moore - Director of Research and Product Development

Dr Jason Moore

Jason is our Director of Research and Product Development. He spends his time working through our supply chain to understand the current and future needs of our customers. He then translates those needs via the development of revolutionary new products with our research partners at Lancaster University.

We believe the technological roadmap he’s planned out for our global horticultural films business over the next 5-7 years will revolutionize the industry.

Contact Details - Office: Enterprise & Business Partnerships, Lancaster Environmental Centre, Lancaster University, Lancaster LA1 4YQ United Kingdom | Tel: +44 (0)777 5584044 | Email: jasonmoore@aridagritec.com | Web

Mr El-Sayed

Mr El-Sayed

Mr El-Sayed is an accountant by trade and has been involved in global business for the past 35 years. He was the Financial director various multinationals both in Egypt and the wider Gulf area.

He has a wide range of experience and import and export and has been involved in Directing Arid’s business since 2006.

Contact Details -

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