Premium Clear Crop Covers

A revolution in hot climate growing - greenhouse temperature control without sacrificing yields and crop quality. Quite simply a revolutionary product.

Our PREMIUM CLEAR crop covers use the some of the very latest polymer and additive technology to achieve the most effective night time temperature control of any crop cover on the market. Alongside it’s amazing thermic properties PREMIUM CLEAR crop covers are manufactured to such high standards that it remains one of the clearest films availble; all of which makes PREMIUM CLEAR perfect for producing the earliest possible crop to the highest possible standards.

PREMIUM CLEAR  is perfect for growers in Mediterranean countries where early production of high-value crops such as grapes and banana for exportation to the EU market is important. It ensures the earliest possible production date and maximum fruit quality when market value for these types of crops is at its highest while maximising yield and quality.

Key Features

  • Based on established 3 layer technology.
  • From 3m to 18m widths.
  • Up to 5 year lifetime guarantee.