5 Layers

5 layers – a stronger, more durable and uniform film with infinitiely more possibilities.

We supply our customers with only the highest performance films using best global practice and advanced raw materials coupled with state-of-the-art production technologies. Bringing these elements together ensures that Arid Agritec are now a leading player in product formulation resulting in the most technically advanced SMART range of films for both today’s, and tomorrow’s, horticulture.

To that end we continue to invest in our business and have recently unveiled a £7m investment in the enhancement of our production facilities in Ayrshire, Scotland. This investment comprised the construction of two extrusion halls and the installation of several film lines including a high-tech wide width extrusion line. This follows a recent further investment of nearly £5m in new warehouse and factory facilities at the same plant.

Such investments allow us take film production techniques to the next level and to produce the next generation of technologically advanced SMART films in a greater range of specifications and formats. Additionally they enable us to take production to optimum quality and efficiency levels to achieve increased throughput and quicker turnaround times.

Watch the 5 Layers Video