Light is Everything

At Arid Agritec we know that light helps drive our business - and yours.

Sunlight powers the planet we live on and the crops we grow and yet it’s true importance is often underappreciated.

You often hear that ‘light is light’ but that’s simply not true. There are many different types of light – the light we see which also helps drive the process of photosynthesis – and the light we don’t see. We’re only just beginning to understand just what a fundamental role this ‘invisible’ light plays in plant development; everything from hardiness and harvestable yields through the various aspects of crop quality that are so important in determining marketability including colour and taste and shelf-life. This ‘invisible light’ or UV light can be broken down in to two different types: UVB and UVA. Taken together UVB and UVA are responsible for not just changing the way a crop grows and develops but also how the whole greenhouse ecosystem functions including how quickly economically important insects and pathogens spread and reproduce within the crop.

Understanding the effects and interactions of all types of light within the growing environment provides a very powerful tool for producing the perfect crop by using cleverly engineered SMART films that manipulate the types and balance of light entering the greenhouse to extend growing seasons and greatly improve yields and quality.

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