A revolution in hot climate growing - greenhouse temperature control without sacrificing yields and crop quality. Quite simply a revolutionary product.

ShadeSmart is currently in the final stages of development at various locations around the world. The purpose of ShadeSmart is to minimise the risks associated with high greenhouse temperatures whilst, using light management techniques that are years ahead of the competition and the latest 5 layer technology, maintaining crop yields and quality.

ShadeSmart was first envisioned for our North African and Middle East markets where summer light levels are very high. It’s the perfect film for a range of summer fruit crops and will allow growers to significantly cut costs by reducing the use of traditional shade netting and venting.


ShadeSmart achieves all this and also maintains crop quality in terms of crop colouration, taste and shelf-life.

Download the ShadeSmart fact sheet.

Our extensive manufacturing experience and technical expertise has enabled us to maintain our technological advantage in SMART horticultural film production for over three decades. The key to ioursuccess is the programme, of continual investment in the very latest manufacturing technology. 5 layer extrusion technology allows us to produce some of the highest quality horticultural films on the market today and the future now has so many more possibilities.

Product specifications. Our 5-layer technology films are manufactured at widths between 5m and 18m and at thickness of between 120 and 200 microns. For a complete list of the sizes available please download a copy of our LUMISOL product sheet below. Other sizes may be available on request.

Mechanical strength. Our unique 5 layer technology, the fact that we only ever source the highest quality raw materials coupled with industry leading quality control means that we manufacture amazingly tough films with the highest possible mechanical strength and durability.

UV Stabilization System. Arid Agritec’s range of greenhouse films come with up to a 3 season guarantee and incorporates our own blend of UV-stabilisers developed through a robust research and development program over more than three decades. This unique package protects our products from breakdown by UV light and high temperatures. Like any stilisation package longevity can be affected by cultivation methods and the types of agrochemicals used in the greenhouse. For advise on getting the most out of our films please talk to one of our sales technical sales staff.

Anti-Drip Properties. Lumisol offers built-in anti-drip properties which help reduce the risk of fungal diseases such as downy mildew and botrytis cinerara. Thanks to its unique blend, Lumisol’s anti-drip characteristics help to control the condensation of water on the film surface. Providing the film is installed correctly, water will condense uniformly across it rather than as droplets. The risk of water falling on to the crop below is therefore much reduced and light loss caused by droplets is also much reduced. Also , by preventing the accumulation of the droplets on the film surface helps to maximise light transmission of the sunny days in winter season.

Thermicity. Our 5 layer extruding technology allows us to manufacture films with the most effective thermic properties of any product on the market today. Using the very latest manufacturing techniques and taking advantage of our unique ability to utilise all 5 layers of the film we very precisely combine our own blend of IR additives and EVA in such a way as to offer the most effective thermic properties available.

Our thermic package provides:

  • Excellent protection from frost and low temperatures
  • Allows growers to reduce energy use for heating
  • Earlier harvesting

Anti-Mist properties. LUMISOL offers the benefits of combining both anti-drip and anti-mist technologies in one product. Our anti-mist formulation significantly reduces the likelihood of mist forming at dawn and dusk by very precisely managing the greenhouse environment to reduce or prevents the formation of mist.

Note: Due to the complex mechanism of its activity and to the variety of parameters affecting its performance, Arid Agritec does not provide a warranty nor assumes any liability on the effectiveness and duration of the anti-mist effect.

LUMISOL DIFFUSING scatters over 85% of incoming light in the greenhouse which ensures maximum yields and a truly uniform crop. Our diffusing package was developed over a 5 year period with The University of Reading and has always set the industry standard. Unlike some other diffusing films LUMISOL’s diffusing properties are guaranteed for the life of the film.

Key Features

  • Based on new 5 layer technology.
  • From 3m to 18m widths.
  • Stronger, more durable than ever before.
  • Up to 5 year lifetime guarantee.
  • Fine tunes the growing environment like never before.

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