Smart Film Technology

Introducing our most amazing SMART film range yet.

Plastic crop covers were originally designed as cost-effective alternatives to growing under glass. These first generation products acted as simple barriers to protect crops from damage by wind, rain and both high and low temperatures and even now, 30 years later, the same range of products are still marketed by the majority of the worlds crop cover manufacturers.

At Arid Agritec we believe differently. Very differently. We trained as photobiologists which is just a fancy way of saying we’re scientists who study how different types and levels of light affects economically important insect pests, plant diseases and of course our crops and how they perform. In fact we’re continuously working hand-in-hand with the worlds foremost ‘light scientists’ in the UK, Europe and Australasia, across a range of global projects to deliver a better growing experience to your business.

That’s why we say that every product we offer our customers is designed around the specific needs of their crop. This requires the expertise of the worlds most knowledgeable polymer chemists to help us turn our ideas into the most advanced, durable crop cover products in the world. We call these products SMART because , well, they’re SMART. Really SMART.

They manipulate the light reaching crops in very particular ways to help manage greenhouse temperatures, improve yields, extend seasons and improve every aspect of a crops appearance, taste and shelf-life.

At Arid Agritec we believe in delivering world leading SMART products through world class research.

Key Features

  • Based on new 5 layer technology. From 5m to 18m widths.
  • Stronger, more durable than ever before.
  • Up to 5 year lifetime guarantee.
  • Fine tunes the growing environment like never before.